Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pi-R-Squared Quilt

Bev brought me this whimsical quilt top that, like Bev herself, was fun and carefree. It seems like every time I talk to Bev, she's getting ready to jet-set off to some interesting foreign place, or just returning from some trek to visit faraway family/friends. She's always on the go... I wonder how she gets these quilts pieced!

Up close, this just looks like your average scrappy quilt, but stand back and tilt your head, and you'll see that each block has two "pi" symbols, leaning against each other and facing opposite directions. Fun! I was just sad when I realized that I had pulled this project up in my quilting waitlist... three days AFTER March 14 (3.14) - Pi Day! Oh, well! It was still fun to quilt!

Free-flowing stippling was the order of the day for this piece. No matter how many quilting patterns and motifs I learn, I will NEVER get tired of stippling! It was the very first style of free-motion stitching I ever tried, and it's like an old friend to me.

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