Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Pair of Horsey Quilts

This was a couple of quilts pieced by a new client from Ontario. She was here in the foothills visiting her daughter and grandchildren for an extended stay. And while she was here, she pieced quilt tops for her horse-loving granddaughter and her granddaughter's friend. A productive visit!

Grandma was headed back to Ontario a couple days after dropping off these two off for me to quilt, so she also engaged me in binding services.

For one quilt, the new owner's mom had some hand sewing experience, and wanted to finish the binding off herself. This is an option a lot of my clients choose, because it gives them a last little bit of bonding time with this piece they've invested so much of themselves in. Sorta like one more sweet goodbye to the quilt before handing it off to a loved one. So for this quilt (the bottom one pictured below) I simply attached the binding to the front, and it went home, ready for her to fold the binding around to the back side and hand stitch in place.

For the other quilt, they wanted it completely finished so that it was ready to use when they got it back. You can see it as the quilt on top of the photo below.

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