Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sharissa's Daughters' Quilt

My client, Sharissa (in Massachusetts), recently sent me this quilt top to finish for her. It was pieced by her young daughters, as a gift for one of their former babysitters. They picked out the fabrics and pattern themselves. Helped with the cutting and piecing, too. I love seeing youngsters interested in this craft!

For the quilting motif, Sharissa wanted an edge-to-edge pattern, so that the quilt blocks and colors were the real attention-getter. So we agreed upon a simple woodgrain plan. She also sent me an assembled binding strip, which I attached to the front of the quilt, using my longarm quilting machine. After removing it from my quilting frame, I trimmed it to a clean, raw edge, ready for the girls to hand-sew the binding to the back side.

I'm told that the happy couple received their gift last week and liked it - I'm not surprised! Good job, ladies!

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