Friday, October 6, 2017

Danna #3

This quilt pattern was named "Pink Lemonade", I believe. But in this gorgeous color-way, I'll call it Teal Lemonade. My 4-year-old daughter, Hoxie, recently learned the word "teal". She LOVES this quilt. And so do I! If you missed them, also check out Danna #1 and Danna #2, in this batch of beautiful quilts!

Danna wanted a custom quilting treatment, but still wanted the quilt to be cuddly, so I tried to achieve both. This can be a challenging combo - the very nature of custom quilting is to "fill in" all those individual little spaces within a quilt top. But when you get a bunch of really detailed, dense quilting on a piece, it stiffens up. I just tried to remind myself to keep things large and sparse, as I quilted my way through.

Swirls and leaves (aka, rosebuds) in the outer border. Rope in the thinner inner border. Orange peel in the dark teal chain-squares. Serpentine lines in the darker green spaces. Ruler work in the lighter taupe triangles. More rosebud in the centerpieces of each block. And a swirly-feather-type motif in the lighter, sky-blue spaces.

I also got to administer my "effortless binding" to this quilt, using the excess backing fabric. This is a wonderful option to efficiently use the leftover backing. You see, when a longarm quilter works on a piece, one requirement is that the backing fabric needs to be about 8" longer and wider than the quilt top. This extra yardage allows the quilter to attach the backing to the frame. Once the quilting is finished, I usually just trim this excess backing off and return it with the finished quilt. Danna had me turn those extra inches of fabric into binding, which I attached to the front AND back side of the quilt, using a special new tool I recently purchased. So, when Danna got the quilt back in her hands, it was completely finished. Easy peasy!

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