Thursday, October 5, 2017

Danna #1

I have been so excited to show you these next four quilts from my new client, Danna. But I've been so busy quilting that I haven't managed to take time to update my blog. That stops now!

On her first visit to my quilting studio, Danna brought me FOUR gorgeous quilts. This first one is mostly batik fabrics in a gentle mauve and tan color scheme, which was just wonderful to work on. I applied an edge-to-edge arrangement of peonies in the interior area of the quilt top. And then a piano-key treatment in the outer border.

Danna also had me apply my "effortless binding" to this quilt, using the excess fabric leftover from the backing. If this is something that interests you, find more info by scrolling to the bottom of my Services page.

Check back tomorrow for Danna's Quilt #2!

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