Sunday, September 20, 2015

Peonies' pretty texture

I quilted this piece for Betty at my church. I juxtaposed patterns - I let the daisy-like flowers in her outer border fabric lead me to a floral filler in the middle of the quilt. I did a lot of echoing with more petals, and they morphed into something like peonies, and I am IN LOVE with the texture they gave the quilt. This is a pattern I had seen demonstrated by one of my quilting idols, Angela Walters, and to be honest, I hadn't liked it much when I saw her stitching it. But once I started trying it, I fell hard and fast. It's just such a great texture-creator! And I let the quarter-log-cabin blocks in the interior of the quilt inspire me with interlocking squares in the outer border. Finished it up with a "wishbone" design in the thin inner border. Simple and straight-forward. I think the overall effect is nice!

1 comment:

  1. Once again, you have "hit this quilt out of the park!!!"