Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sylvia's Earthy Experiment

My dear friend Sylvia let me have my way with this one. I played with some rulers in the outer border, but the thing that I learned on this quilt was that I LOVE straight(ish) lines! I mean, part of me feels like it's a cop-out. What's so creative about straight, parallel lines? But the look of it... so clean, so classy, so COOL! And not necessarily easy, either. It took a lot of steady concentration to free-hand the serpentine lines in the sashing strips and border. I love the juxtaposition against the flowy, curvy ribbon candy and curly cues in the inner and outer borders. And can we just admire the warm fall colors from Sylvia's stash. It's certainly starting to feel like fall around here. Totally gorg! 

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