Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fran's "Houses" quilt

Here's Fran's second quilt that I got to help with. It's a lovely, earth-tone piece that will be sure to bring warmth to the eyes, body, and soul!

Fran requested lots of feathers, so I used them in various placed throughout the quilt. A feather wreath in the center medallion of the log cabin layout. I also used meandering feathers in the pieced borders, and then used the piece seams as my guide for quilting piano keys in the solid red and black borders. Some outlining in the houses and trees, surrounded by somewhat dense filler.

In the darker areas of log cabin, I used an alternating serpentine quilting motif - and I LOVE how it turned out. I've worked on several log cabin quilts with similar layouts, and this is the first time this idea occurred to me. I think I'm gonna use it more in the future! It contrasts really beautifully with the roundness of the feathers and pebbles, and gives the whole quilt a great texture.

I'm really happy with this piece, and I'm wishing I could have kept it!

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