Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Quilt for Mama

My client, Danna, gave me this quilt top "for mama" - which I found completely adorable. I love hearing people's terms of endearment for various family members. I've lived in several regions of the USA and now Canada, and I've heard some humdingers! Nanna and pappaw, gram and gramps, meemaw and peepaw, momma and daddy, mudge and pops, mother and daddy, goo and pap, and on and on!

This is a lovely star-themed quilt, featuring complex stars in several color ways. The first thing I noticed was the paisley-printed fabric in the setting triangles around the sides. I knew immediately that I would choose paisley as my edge-to-edge treatment for this quilt (Danna told me to do whatever I wanted). This quilt was a DREAM to work on. It was perfect flat and straight and square. A DREAM!

I also loved applying my "Effortless Binding" to this piece. I have SO much fun doing binding this way! I have a special tool that fits onto my Janome sewing machine, and it allows me to roll and attach the binding (both front and back) in one step. See more info at the bottom of my "Services" page.

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