Monday, April 24, 2017

The World's Heaviest Quilt

I'm not sure if there's a Guinness World Record category for this, but this quilt might just the heaviest one in the universe. My new client, Brenda, made it for her daughter Christy, and Christy wanted it super heavy and puffy.

It has minky backing (heavy), and TWO layers of polyester (heavy) batting - one that is low-loft and one that is really high-loft on top. She asked for very loose stippling so it could really be puffy. And I think we nailed it. It barely fit in the re-usable grocery bag!

I also attached binding to the front of the quilt for her, so that when Brenda got it back, it was ready for her to wrap around the edge of the quilt and hand stitch to the back side.

From bottom to top: Minky backing, one layer of Quilters Dream Select polyester batting, one layer of Hobbs Polydown batting, and then of course the quilt top.

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