Friday, December 18, 2015

More Christmas Quilts!

In this time before Christmas, I've been burnin' the midnight oil. My clients have been busy, and their family members are gonna be warm this winter!

Sylvia has three grandkids that are really gonna be bouncing when they open Grandma's presents.  She wanted all-over quilting, which makes total sense for kids. I predict these quilts will be LOVED - meaning, they may be drug around, used for tent forts, shared with the dog, taken to the sandbox, etc. Super-custom (more expensive) quilting would be unnecessary overkill. 

I could hardly keep my two girls away from this Frozen-themed quilt for Sylvia's granddaughter. I stitched snowballs, hearts, and snowflakes into the quilting. Since my quilting is all hand-guided (not computerized), just like in real life, no two of my snowflakes are exactly the same!

There were two grandson quilts. For one I applied simple stippling, which kinda mirrors the winding race-track theme in the quilt.

For the second, I quilted interlocking squares. 

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