Thursday, December 31, 2015

Embracing Horses Quilt

Yet another gorgeous quilt from Jane. She has been my best quilting client, hands down. She was the first person who ever paid me to quilt for her, and she's been with me since way before I got my longarm machine. I was curious, so I counted up all the quilts I've invoiced to her. This was the SIXTEENTH project she's hired me to quilt for her!

This will be a gift for her granddaughter, Carolyn. I did some light feature quilting in the "embracing horses" panel in the center. Then all-over quilting in the main body of the quilt - feathered swirls, which I learned from YouTube videos of Judi Madsen, aka The Green Fairy. And tried "piano keys" in the border, with loops in alternating piano keys. I'm still trying to figure out my favorite method for piano keys (straight parallel lines). It's SUCH a time-consuming process. Such a nice look, though.

Jane wanted less-dense quilting and high-loft batting, to make it a puffier quilt for her young granddaughter. Hopefully she likes it!

All quilting is non-computerized, hand-guided on an APQS longarm quilting machine.

It was very difficult for me to refrain from having a heyday with intricate quilting in the black borders and other points of interest. I just kept reminding myself that it needed to be puffy and cuddly. More quilting = thinner, stiffer quilt.


  1. Beautiful Carrie! So, If I sew the material together in whatever pattern I choose, you do the quilting?
    So very unique!

    Lois Knapke

    1. Yes, Lois! That's exactly how it works. You send me the completed quilt top and the backing fabric, and I send it back to you all quilted and ready for binding. There's a little more info here:

      And i also walked through one of my client projects in this post, which might help you envision it more: