Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wholecloth Baby Quilt

I often get asked to help friends (who are not quilters) make quilts as baby gifts. I recommend an option that can let them have some involvement in the creative side of the project, without have to know how to sew - a whole cloth quilt. This is a piece that uses a single piece of fabric for the quilt top - no piecing required. The client goes to the fabric store, picks out fabric for the top, backing, and binding, and I take care of the rest. It goes back to them ready to gift to their expectant friend. 

Here's an example done for my friend, Kate, in Nebraska. We actually did this collaboration long-distance. She ordered the fabrics online and had them shipped directly to me. I quilted it up, and shipped it back to her. Easy peasy!

If this is an idea that interests you, let me know. I can give you pointers about types and amounts of fabric to buy. 

Sweet dreams to the baby who cuddles with this piece! One side is a super-sturdy canvas-ey cotton that will be very durable, and the other side is a soft, supple minky fabric. Great snuggling fodder for any baby - or adult!

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