Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Melody's Western Wedding Gift

To my memory, this is probably THE most intricately appliqued quilt I've gotten to work on. It's not just plastered edge to edge with applique, but the size and number of appliqued pieces put it in a class of its own. There was also a significant amount hand embroidery, as well as other techniques and embellishments throughout. I told Melody she must be crazy!

This was a gift for her daughter and son-in-law on the occasion of their wedding. The branding irons in the boot bouquet in the center of the quilt are their personal ranch brands. There were just SO many teensy tiny details in this piece! Executed beautifully, no less. I'll make a few comments below, but there's no way I could ever catch it all!

Barbed wire was all hand embroidered.

Here you see a closer view of their personal brands in the bouquet of prairie flowers. Amazing!

Buttons on the pistols. Look at the TINY applique! 

Fringe on the cowgirls skirts - hand-sewn!  


  1. Wow , what a fantastic quilt !!! such beautiful detail and a treasure forever for her daughter! I love the quilting you did, just perfect! Happy sewing from Iowa

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