Monday, July 23, 2018

Jolene's Tone-On-Tone quilt

Look at this subtle, elegant quilt by my new client, Jolene. As a creative person herself, she had an active role in selecting the various quilting motifs that we used throughout this piece. I think it turned out gorgeously!

Also, at 121x121", I think this might be one of the most ENORMOUS quilts I've ever worked on! Pictured here on our queen-sized bed. It's a behemoth!


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  1. This is my first quilt and I am so grateful to have met Carrie. My mom and I went out to meet her and she interpreted my vision on what I wanted for quilting with ease. It took about 45 mins to design and choose thread and all the while she made me feel like I had been doing it for years. The outcome as you can see is spectacular and I couldn't have asked for more. Once home I inspected every stitch and it truly is flawless. Worth every penny!!! Thank you Carrie for making us feel at home and for bringing my vision to life.