Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jennifer 2-sided quilt

Here's Jennifer's second quilt of the first three she brought me. But actually, it's kinda like a "two-for". She used a pieced quilt for the top, and for the backing fabric, she used a pre-printed panel. So, really, this quilt is reversible! Score!

There are two reasons this piece "works" as a two-sided quilt:
1) edge-to-edge quilting - There is no way that I can use a custom quilting motif that will suit the top of the quilt, and also the bottom (if the bottom is "pieced"). Edge-to-edge suits BOTH!
2) backing design that does not have a "centered" layout - the panel Jennifer used for the backing fabric is kinda whimsical and un-ordered-looking. That's perfect! Without going to an insane, hair-pulling amount of planning and effort, I have very little chance of getting a top and bottom to line up perfectly. So, a custom-quilted treatment to the top may very well be off-center to the bottom. The seams on the top will not match up perfectly to the seams of the bottom. I can not consistently guarantee that the border of the top will match up with the border of the backing. So a haphazard back is best for a double-sided quilt.

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