Monday, March 5, 2018

Another Beauty from Betty

Here's yet another beautiful quilt - in the same gray-black-white color scheme that she seems so fond of (me, too!) - from my quilty friend, Betty. She is one of my clients who is not fond of over-quilting. She wants the quilting sparser and further apart, so that the quilt will remain softer and more supple, better for cuddling. Okay by me!

Betty did want a custom treatment, and I have to admit, it is tricky to accomplish BOTH a custom quilting design AND a less-dense approach. Simply because, to me, that's the very nature of custom quilting, to take all those little quilt blocks and pieces and fill them in. Edge-to-edge quilting designs are much easier to enlarge and do on a less-dense scale. But I did my best for Betty, as usual. Enjoy!

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