Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jane's Hearts quilt

I love this interlocking heart quilt pattern. Blur your eyes, and count how many hearts you see! I see 2 hearts right-side-up. Wait- now I see 2 hears upside-down. Wait- now I also see 2 turned 90º to the right and 2 turned to the left. Wait- now I see... oh, geeze, this could go on all night.

For quilting on this piece, Jane wanted it cuddly. She chose meandering hearts as an edge-to-edge quilting motif. I also put some loops in there, just for fun. Such a youthful, energetic quilt!

I also applied binding to the front of the quilt. Jane prepared the binding strip and brought it to me with her quilt top and "fireside" (fuzzy, fleecy material) backing. I used my longarm quilting machine to attach the binding to the front side of the quilt, before removing it from my frame. Then I trimmed off the excess batting and backing. And when Jane got it back, it was ready for her to wrap around to the back side and hand-stitch in place. Lovely!

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