Monday, August 22, 2016

Russian Tiles #4

Russian Tiles is the gift that keeps on givin'! I was first hired to quilt the class sample for Rumpled Quilt Skins. This was such an honor, because I was a new longarmer at the time, and to have a well-respected designer and shop owner trust her quilt to me felt really great!

Then one of Rumpled Quilt Skins' students hired me to finish her quilt, and then another!

Each client has requested similar treatment to the original one (which I think must be a good sign that they LIKED it), but also allowed me to incorporate subtle changes that allowed me to make them each unique. It's been fun to see how each lady made the pattern her own, too, with various colors and piecing layouts.

This one had fun colors, and Mona encouraged me to use a thread color that contrasted just a bit, so it would really show up.

All my quilting is free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.