Friday, May 11, 2018

Starry Wedding Quilt

This was a fun quilting experiment for me. I saw a similar wavy quilting motif on Pinterest - I mean, really, how did any of us do ANYTHING before Pinterest?

The pictures on Pinterest were of a "pantograph". This is a tool that many longarm quilters use. It's essentially a long piece of paper, printed with a continuous line design, purchased from a company that designs and produces pantographs. You lay it on the bed of your longarm frame, and then you attach a lazer light to your longarm, and point it at the paper, moving the longarm machine to trace the pantograph's line with the lazer pointer.

A lot of longarmers use pantographs, but I've never actually tried one. My machine came with two complimentary pantographs, and I gave them away to a friend. I just wasn't interested in following someone else's lines. I don't find it a natural feeling for me.

So here's my own version of the Pinterest wave design. Not as perfect, but just as lovingly executed.

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